Investment Planning

At StateTrust,  Wealth Management is our area of expertise. We dedicate ourselves to protecting and growing wealth, giving our clients a personalized service, and advising our clients towards reaching their short term and long term investment objectives.  Planning is the key to successful investing.

Short-Term Objectives Long-Term Objectives
 Create a Wealth Management Program  Wealth Accumulation
 Create a Savings Plan  Save for College
 Manage Debt  Purchase one or more homes
 Establish a retirement plan  Maintain  your lifestyle at retirement
 Cash flow and liquidity management  Design an appropriate fiduciary structure

The following graph summarizes the StateTrust Investment Planning Process:


Analyze Current Position

Our first order of business is to assess your current range of investments. We follow these steps:


  • Scrutinizing your current assets, such as stocks, bonds, insurance policies or real estate.
  • Examining your cash flows including contributions/disbursements towards your objectives.
  • Appraising you of any legal or legislative restrictions that may apply.
  • Evaluating personal and family preferences.


Formalize Investment Policy

One of our most important tasks is to formulate a precise, clear-cut Investment Policy Statement.


  • Clearly defines your long-term objectives.
  • Provides investing guidelines.
  • Outlines an asset allocation policy for your investments.
  • Sets forth management structures.
  • Define selection criteria for: money managers, mutual funds, hedge funds or alternative investments.
  • Explains securities guidelines.
  • Evaluate progress according to your estate planning, fiduciary structure and investment plans.
  • Monitoring results, reporting, and communication.

Design of Optimal Portfolio

At StateTrust, we work hard to create the most advantageous plan for you. One that reflects your goals and aspirations.  We use the following:

  • Sound Asset Allocation.
  • Strategies that align with capital markets through the use of  style analysis tecniques.
  • Alternative investment advice.
  • Contemporary portfolio models.



As soon as a comprehensive Investment Policy Statement is in place, the following steps are taken:

  • Designate alternative structures for money managers.
  • Arrange fees/account-size minimums with money managers/mutual funds.
  • Organize custody and brokerage services.


Monitoring the Strategy

At StateTrust, helping you explore and define your investing objectives is just the beginning of our consultative and personalized process.

  • Your portfolio is under constant supervision.
  • You receive monthly statements on holdings and transactions.
  • Your quarterly performance reports include comparisons against the market, investing goals, and other money managers.
  • We periodically review your risk profile and adjust your portfolio if you have experienced any significant changes in your financial situation.