StateTrust Group

The StateTrust Group is a conglomerate of financial companies with broad international recognition, respected for the professionalism and integrity of its management team. Throughout its history, the Group has distinguished itself for its philosophy of prudent wealth management, low debt, and conservative financial balance sheets.


Since its founding, the Group has expanded to more than twenty countries, through a global network of companies, offices, private bankers, and international representatives. Thousands of families, companies, and trusts have entrusted their assets, retirement, and family protection to the group's companies.


StateTrust provides clients with a suite of comprehensive wealth management, private client, and investment advisory services in global investment management, brokerage and trading, retirement planning, and institutional solutions.


The StateTrust Group of companies adhere to the highest standards of corporate supervision and operates in line with internationally accepted accounting, financial, and banking principles.


StateTrust (StateTrust Investments and StateTrust Capital) operates under the combined supervision of multiple entities:

  • United States securities regulators: StateTrust Investments (SEC, FINRA), StateTrust Capital (SEC)
  • External auditors (independent external audits are conducted yearly).
  • Internal audits are conducted multiple times a year to ensure compliance, process and procedures are being followed and are in place.


Continuous independent reviews are performed by:

  • Regulators.
  • Directors & Committees.
  • Executive Team.
  • Finance and Accounting Personnel.
  • Operations.
  • Compliance.
Company Activity Location
StateTrust Group, LLC. Holding Company United States of America
StateTrust Investments, Inc. Registered Broker Dealer United States of America
StateTrust Capital, LLC Investment Advisory services United States of America