Hedging & Derivatives

Our team of knowledgeable institutional traders will be happy to assist you in order to meet your strategic risk management goals by helping you choose the derivative & hedging products that are right for you.

StateTrust is actively involved in global hedging activities including Credit Swaps, Options and other products.  Options issued by the Options Clearing Corporation are traded on certain exchanges such as, the Chicago Board Options Exchange, Philadelphia and NYSE Amex.  Options have a predetermined price that takes in several variables into consideration. Those variables include stock price volatility, strike price (expected price in the future), current interest rates and the number of days until the option expires.

If you are interested in this type of investing, please contact our office (305-921-8100) to obtain a copy of the options disclosure document.  Options involve various types of risks, some substantial and are not suitable for all investors. 

Global Capabilities

  • Trading of global multicurrency options.
  • Competent team guarantees execution excellence.
  • Straight-through processing capabilities for a smooth seamless trading environment.
  • Detailed statements of trading and cash flows for effective record keeping.
  • Access to a broad spectrum of global financial instruments within our firm and our counterparties.
  • One Stop global trading execution, clearing, foreign exchange and cash management.
  • Options trading entail significant risk and is not appropriate for all investors.