Electronic Quotes

When our clients log into their accounts, they are provided with equities, options and mutual fund quotes. To conveniently access your personal list of quotes, we offer the Watch Lists feature.  You can develop and track your own Watch Lists, each with a snapshot of up to 20 quotes.  For all portfolios, you can review the corresponding data in two different profile alternatives and even view the current value and dollar gain or loss for each portfolio.

You can follow any listed securities with a 15 minute delay.  We have the capabilities to track quotes using a predetermined list of custom stocks, most active stocks, indexes and industries, according to the client’s account holdings and/or preferences. 

You can view information for individual securities such as options, charts, news, financials, insiders information, filings, analyst ratings, and earning estimates.  There is also information for commodities, currencies, and interest rates available.

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