StateTrust is a privately owned, financial institution specializing in wealth and investment management. Garnered from decades of solid financial experience, our founding principles start with the belief that our client's success is our own. We believe that a global asset allocation, well diversified assets and high-quality financial instruments will ensure that success.

Since its inception, StateTrust Group has followed a simple philosophy: always find the best solution to preserve and develop wealth, and do it by following the highest ethical standard.

Our Group's focus is in providing a premier level of services in the areas of Wealth Management and Investment Banking, that caters to high net worth individuals, providiing them with a wide range of advisory, brokerage, FX and private banking services (succession and trusts).


StateTrust's client-centered day-to-day operating philosophy can be summarized as follows :

StateTrust Group has a performance-oriented focus, while utilizing a conservative approach. The high value we place on quality investments, a global asset allocation and timely execution is what differenciates us. We seek to understand each customer's personal or business profile, to ascertain their needs, and discuss any changes in their investment profile.” -states Mr. Jose Luis Turnes, Executive Manager of StateTrust Group.

Through a careful selection of high quality products in wealth and investment management, the team of professionals at StateTrust, work together with clients to achieve their financial goals.

We are committed to a philosophy that guides our actions:

  • Results and performance oriented organization.
  • Deliver prompt response and execution excellence


StateTrust focuses on understanding and assessing each client's investment profile. A financial needs analysis is conducted to evaluate client's performance expectations, risk exposure, tax optimization strategies and investment requirements.

StateTrust business model encompasses:

  • Global Presence.
  • Confidentiality, Privacy, and Integrity.
  • Comprehensive array of quality investment products and services.
  • State-of-the-art technology and accounts designed to execute, report and custody global assets in multiple currencies.
  • Personalized multi-language client services.
  • Money manager due diligence selection and monitoring.
  • Estate preservation and asset growth

Regulatory Agencies

StateTrust operates in the United States through two of its affiliated companies: StateTrust Capital, LLC. ; a United States Investment Advisor firm, registered with the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") and StateTrust Investments, Inc. a United States Registered Broker-Dealer.


StateTrust adheres to the highest standards of international principles and operates in accordance with internationally accepted accounting and financial practices.


The following entities provide regulatory (SEC/MSRB) or membership (FINRA) supervision.  That does not mean that the entities endorse or guarantee a firm's business practices, selling methods, or securities offered:


Regulatory/Membership Entity StateTrust
 U.S Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC")
 Financial Industry Regulatory Authority ("FINRA")
 Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board ("MSRB")  
Series Series Name Description
 Series 3 National Commodity Futures Can deal in futures, commodities and/or introducing broker.
 Series 6 Investment Company and Variable Contracts Products Representative Can offer investment company products such as mutual funds and closed-end funds and/or sell variable annuity contracts and variable life insurance.
 Series 7 General Security Representative Can request, buy and/or sell securities.
 Series 24 General Securities Principal Can manage or supervise representatives in investment banking, training or solicitation.
 Series 27 Financial & Operations Principal For any manager involved in the financial and operational management of a FINRA (NASD) member firm (including the chief financial officer).
 Series 53 Municipal Security Principal Can manage representatives who handle municipal securities.
 Series 63 Uniform Security Agent Individual states sometimes require the Series 63 exam as a condition of registration as a registered representative.