Internet Access

Efficiency and security are the engines behind StateTrust's technological infrastructure, which has been designed to continually protect clients' privacy and information.  We allow clients a complete and secured online suite of solutions to check investment account balances, view statements, check on debit card transactions, and much more.

StateTrust offers Internet access for our portfolio holders 24 hours a day, every day. Whether you are at home or away for business or vacation, you can log in at anytime to check on the status of your account(s).

Our portfolio management process is supported by a system of cutting-edge technological platforms fulfilling critical tasks such as:

  • Providing clients with complete information (Reporting Systems).
  • Security Procedures.
  • Online trading capabilities upon request.
  • Real Time Quotes.

We work with an array of software applications, allowing us to offer the best solutions for our client's investments and portfolio needs:

  • Reports inventory and over 50 daily and monthly reports.
  • Access to electronic copies of our clients' brokerage account statements, trade confirmations, tax statements, Quarterly Performance Reports and Year-End Account Reports.
  • Performance information (including client's investments, positions, unit costs and cash-flow).
  • Information on over 200 ETFs, exchange-traded notes (ETNs) and other exchange-traded products.
  • Monitoring of current interest rates, money fund rates, commodity prices, stocks and option prices.
  • E-Statements ready to be downloaded at our client's convenience.
  • Monthly Statements and confirmations are archived and can be easily retrieved.

Using these electronic financial capabilities is a key factor in achieving maximum levels of account/portfolio service.  We keep abreast of the latest technology and information in the financial field to offer our clients best of breed solutions.

  • 365 days x 24 hours
  • Detailed information
  • Other forms and reports are also available electronically
  • View all accounts/portfolios
  • Performance reports
  • Track debit card activity
  • Monthly Statements

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