International Accounts

StateTrust International Account  offered by StateTrust Investments provides the following features:

  • An unlimited check book.
  • Visa card through UMB Bank.
  • Easy access to collateral loans for your investment portfolio.
  • Standby letters of credit.
  • Money transfers to anywhere in the world.


Once you set up your personal StateTrust International Account, we pool your short-term holdings with your long-term investments. This way, it is easy for both you and your Relationship Manager to track your holdings and stay open to taking advantage of any opportunities that might arise.

Investment Opportunities and Tracking features

StateTrust's International Accounts also allow you to take advantage of multiple investment alternatives. For instance, you can maintain your assets in a total cash account or opt to borrow funds against the value of eligible securities (stocks, bonds) at highly competitive interest rates.


International Accounts generate investment return through:

  • Your choice between taxed or tax exempt “Money Market” funds, which offer competitive short term rates.
  • Dividends, income for sold securities and other cash credits that are reinvested in the fund of your choice.
  • An automatic process, which  will increase your potential income, gaining interests continually while these are automatically reinvested.


International Accounts provide our clients with  an easy system to organize and track the information on their portfolios:

  • Comprehensible and easy to read monthly statements.
  • Account summary that allows you to easily review the values of the different securities comprising your portfolio.
  • Efficient portfolio management. Keeps the base cost of your assets and automatically shows profits and losses in its positions.
  • Performance reports.
  • Online access to account reports and market statistics.
  • Online access to bonds offers and StateTrust available inventory for your investments.

International Accounts also offer electronic transfer capabilities which allow you to:

  • Simplify your finances by authorizing payments to other institutions, merchants or service providers.
  • Use direct payment to pay utilities and mortgages in the United States.
  • Make movements between your different accounts (internal or external).
  • Collateral loans.

Other services include:

  • 24/7 online access, via Internet, to your account with a vast reports menu.
  • Top quality reports that provide information on your portfolio in a clear and accurate way.
  • StateTrust offers its clients the flexibility to create and manage trusts and “off-shore” companies in order to protect their wealth.
  • Toll free 800 numbers to call us from your country.
  • Insurance for your property.
  • Absolute confidentiality.
  • Multilingual  personnel.