StateTrust Private Banking Process

For us, Private Banking starts with personalized service to each of our clients, every day. We do our utmost to help you realize your financial goals and also to take care of you as concerns arise during the process. You will find that Private Banking with StateTrust is not just another transaction.  Rather, it is an integral component of our client-centered approach.  We believe in the power of building a unique relationship with you—the kind of relationship that evolves beyond your bank account.

In your dealings with StateTrust, you will soon see that you get much more than just another Private Bank. You get a catalyst for your financial life—a group of financial companies created to fulfill your economic needs complete with a far-reaching spectrum of financial products.  When you decide on StateTrust as your Private Banker, you can rest assured that the accounts and financial products that are appropriate for your personal circumstances will be readily accessible to you.

At StateTrust we understand that situations are ever-changing, and that sometimes life brings unexpected expenses or windfalls. Thus, when you bank with StateTrust, we keep in touch, so that we can navigate through those changes by providing you with the financial products that are best suited for you, whatever the circumstance.

The StateTrust Private Banking Process has six stages:

StageStage Description
1.Client Interviews
First, we arrange a meeting with you (and your spouse if applicable). This is beneficial to both sides. You discover how StateTrust can build and manage wealth, and we find out exactly what you hope to attain in terms of your own personal bottom line.
2.Fact Finding and Goal Setting
We consider these two steps absolutely imperative in the creation of an effective financial plan.
3.Information Analysis
After we get an overview of your financial picture—including strengths and weaknesses, along with concerns and priorities—we work closely with you to create specific financial targets.
Regarding the plans and products we offer, we make it a point to select the ones that fit your particular situation with care.
Once your financial strategies are set, we put the plan into action right away, paying close attention to all details.
6.Monitoring and reporting
From monthly account statements to quarterly reports, we keep you informed.  We monitor every aspect of your plan to ensure that all of the strategies we put in place are proving to be effective.

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