StateTrust Plan

At StateTrust, our clients’ financial needs come first.  We work with you to determine your current and future financial needs and how to best meet those needs.  We review and update your investments based on an assessment of your risk profile, financial goals, and available market opportunities.

Our focus, day in and day out, is to ensure your satisfaction with our handling of your financial affairs, everything from the investments we offer to regular updates that keep you informed.  Our financial advisers keep a close watch on the markets and the money managers that manage your investments to ensure the best results for you.

If your needs fall outside our scope of expertise, we will coordinate with outside parties to meet those needs. At StateTrust, we believe continuing education for our financial advisors is a necessity.  This keeps them abreast of financial issues and helps ensure your success, and by association, our success.

We can sumarize our plan in six core principles:

  • Customized financial map
  • Dependable Advice
  • Financial Products
  • Regular Reports
  • Constant Communication
  • Investing knowledge

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