Financial Planning for Seniors

The investments you hold at retirement age should depend on a combination of elements, such as, your time horizon, life expectancy, income, health, insurance, appetite for consumption, taxes, number of dependants, lifestyle and special needs.

For seniors who are retired or soon to be retired, Financial Planning is particularly important. 

The goal is to meet your cash flow needs while maintaning capital preservation.  Other objectives may include maintaining appropriate health insurance coverage and minimizing both your income and estate taxes.

With proper planning, you can put in place a strategy that meets your goals so that the money you have saved can outlast you and leave a legacy for your heirs. 

Services for Seniors

Retirement PlansTheir main objective is to provide an income that assures you a standard of living similar to or better than the one you enjoyed while you were fully employed.

Estate Planning:  StateTrust seeks to eliminate uncertainties over the administration of the disposition process of assets (probate) and maximize the value of your estate by reducing taxes and other expenses.  We also provide for Trust and Fiduciary Assistance in order to ensure that our client’s estate is treated in accordance to their stated wishes and desires.     

Estate Planning takes into consideration a wide range of unforeseen events, such as disability, untimely death, taxes, legal challenges, probate and others, which could ultimately affect the size and transfer of your estate.  The Estate Planning process will work to fulfill a variety of legal, financial and personal goals.

The estate plan carries out your requests through the implementation of legal documents that specify your instructions and wishes regarding your estate, and in some cases, what will happen to you if you become incapacitated to make decisions.  Our Estate Planning process encompasses wills, trusts, tax planning, life insurance and long-term care insurance.