Finding Money Managers

We at StateTrust are your own Investment Management Consultants.  We help individual clients as well as larger institutions select money managers with the appropriate:

  • Investment philosophy.
  • Organization.
  • Performance Appraisal.

Along with this service, we are also here to guide you in determining investing parameters and performance objectives and to advice you in an ongoing basis.


Money Manager Selection: Due Diligence Process
Performance numbers Time weighted, listed quarterly, combination of real portfolios, 3rd -party verification, inclusive of net/ gross fees
Performance relative to risk Standard deviation: return variation vs. median return
Alpha: Calculates a manager´s return above the market´s return
Beta: Calculates the correlation of the managers' portfolio with the market index/benchmark.
Sharpe ratio: assesses return against a benchmark.
Performance among peers Independent evaluations, performance over time
Performance in rising/falling markets Strategies and overall performance analysis

At StateTrust we utilize the assistance of a number of external money managers when dealing with certain kinds of portfolios.  We view these skilled financial experts as full partners—dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

Outside Services Might Include
Creating client profiles
Measuring a client´s risk tolerance
Administering/billing accounts
Trading and accounting portfolio
Researching money managers (complete with due diligence)
Seeking and selecting mutual funds


Whenever we look at teaming up with an outside professional, we explore every facet of their operation:

  • Performance against benchmarks.
  • Performance against peers.
  • Rolling period performance.
  • Size.
  • Personnel experience.
  • Quality levels.
  • Products.